Student Club/Organization Application

Current Clubs

All existing clubs must submit an application each year.


How to Establish a New Club/Organization

Student clubs are groups with similar interests.
Student organizations are groups that are affiliated with a national organization. Student organizations must follow the constitution of their national organization but should establish by-laws for their VPCC chapter.
  • Contact the Kadisia Archer in the Office of Student Life and Leadership at to discuss your club/organization.
  • Each club must have a faculty/staff advisor. Any part-time or full-time college employee may serve as a club advisor.
  • Meet with the advisor to draft the club constitution or student organization by-laws.
  • Schedule an Interest Meeting (advisor must reserve the room and attend the meeting):
    • Recruit interested students. A club must have at least 5 currently enrolled members to obtain official recognition.
    • Review the constitution or by-laws with members and have them vote to approve (ratify) them.
    • Elect officers, set meeting dates and discuss club/organization activities.
    • Complete the Club/Organization Application listed below.
      • Information needed from members and advisors to complete the charter application:
        • Name and phone number
        • Email addresses (student email-MyVPCC login
        • VPCC Student ID number
        • Advisor(s) phone number, office room number, and building
  • Send the Club/Organization Application and the approved club constitution and/or by-laws to Kadisia Archer in the Office of Student Life and Leadership at